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Ros is a classically trained film & TV composer, conductor, music producer and musician, educated at the University of Music, Vienna and the Royal College of Music, London.
Recent composer credits include the HBO Original series Folklore (season 2), two prime-time feature-length TV documentaries (ARTE and France 5), several TV show episodes and over a dozen acclaimed short films.
Ros’ music has enjoyed wide success on streaming platforms, receiving over 4.5 million streams and 15 Spotify and Apple Music editorial placements. His releases have also been repeatedly playlisted on national radio (BBC Radio 4 and BBC 3 Classic Radio) and received support from the press (BBC Music Magazine, Newsquest Times Series etc).
As a violinist Ros has performed on national TV and radio and as a conductor has worked with established orchestras such as the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra, the Prague Metropolitan Orchestra and others.

Tags: Orchestral, Score, filmcomposer, Composition, Piano

Languages Spoken: English, German, Russian, Spanish

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Production Type Year Role
Folklore (Season 2) TV 2021 Composer, Music Producer, Violinist
Breaking Mirrors Film 2021 Composer
The Last Cloudweaver Short Film 2021 Composer, Conductor, Music Producer