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Pretty Bean Coffee Co provide a bespoke craft catering and craft coffee service to the TV and film industry.

Here at Pretty Bean Coffee Co we provide a tailored service to suit you - whether it’s a film, TV series or commercial. located in the studio, the centre of London or a field in the rural countryside.
We offer three catering packages to accommodate a range of budgets.

- Coffee services
- Half craft services
- Full craft services

We have a range of catering trailers and also an indoor coffee bar for occasions when street parking is limited. We require just 3M x 3M to provide the service you require to drive your cast and crew through tough shooting days, long weeks and cold night shoots.

We are passionate about being as eco friendly as possible, using biodegradable cups and lids, cardboard straws, cup holders, wooden stirrers etc. Our vehicles are the latest euro 6 ULEZ standard.
All Pretty Bean’s Coffee trailers and pop ups come equipped with professional Baristas giving you the best quality service.
Our bespoke services will be personalized to suit your production budget and needs.

Contact us-
0207 4594 958

Languages Spoken: English

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Production Type Year Role
Lotto Commercial 2023 Coffee
Changing Ends TV 2023 Craft
Google Pixel Commercial 2022 Craft
Snickers Commercial 2022 Craft Catering
Willow Film 2022 Craft Catering
Hello Fresh Commercial 2022 Craft