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I have been a member of the British Stunt Register for 21 years working as a Stunt Coordinator, Performer and Stunt Rigger. Over the years I have worked on commercials, documentaries, television and film projects.

I bring an upbeat and positive vibe as part of my personality, with enthusiasm and high energy to a project, story and scene. I am resourceful creative and imaginative and have a can do ethos and enjoy the pressure and challenges of delivering the Director’s vision whilst offering alternative twists to the narrative. I also have a creative eye for the camera around action, choreographed violence and stunt drama whilst keeping in line with the Directors shooting style and story telling.

Languages Spoken: English

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Production Type Year Role
The Rescue Documentary 2022 Stunt Coordinator
Bat Girl Film 2022 Stunt Double
BatMan Film 2022 Stunt Rigger
Justice League Film
Your Christmas or mine TV 2021 Stunt Coordinator
Typist Artist Pirate King TV 2021 Stunt Coordinator