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Maritime Film provides marine coordination services to the Film, Television and Media Industries.

The company is owned and managed by Ian Biles and operates from two locations one in Devon and one in Hampshire. The company has a large network of skilled and experienced personnel capable of travelling worldwide.

With 46 years of experience at sea on all sorts of marine craft from small sailing dinghies to large supertankers, superyachts, hovercraft, canoes or jet skis, Ian has become one of the most qualified and experienced mariners there is.

The company specialises in:

?? Marine consultation for script analysis
?? Personnel or vessel acquisition
?? Budget generation
?? Location scouting
?? Marine logistics
?? Safety Boats and Divers
?? Compliance and legal permit procurement

We provide Pre-production, Production and Post-production assistance and guidance. If you need it to float in, on or under the water we can sort it out.

Languages Spoken: English

Maritime Film

Maritime Film

Maritime Film Show Reel

Maritime Film


Production Title Type Year Role Company
The Northman Film 2020 Maritime Safety Consultant
The King Film 2019 Maritime Safety Consultant
The Mercy Film 2017 Maritime Safety Consultant
Hampstead Film 2017 Maritime Safety Consultant
Dunkirk Film 2017 Maritime Safety Consultant
The Man from U.N.C.L.E Film 2015 Maritime Safety Consultant
The Monuments Men Film 2014 Maritime Safety Consultant
Robin Hoob Film 2010 Maritime Safety Consultant
Pirate Radio - The Boat that Rocked Film 2009 Maritime Safety Consultant


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