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8-9 Stephen Mews

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The Location Partnership offers a diverse range of locations for film and photo shoots. It’s easy to search the location library by type, style or feature to find the perfect location for your shoot.

Location Partnership also represents some of the UK’s most experienced Location Managers who will be happy to help you out with any specialist location searches

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Production Type Year Role Company
Smuggler Commercial 2017 Dir. Henry Alex-Rubin (Location Manager) Adidas
Rogue ‘McClaren' Commercial 2016 Location Management
Wanda Commercial 2016 Dir. Damien & Leila de Blinkk (Location Manager) Amazon
Outsider ‘B&Q' Commercial 2016 Location Management
Paralympics - "Yes I can" Commercial 2016 Dir. Dougal Wilson (Location Manager) Channel 4
Esquire ‘Jude Law' - Stills Other 2016 Location Management


Name Role Telephone / Mobile
Ame Tarr Location Services Manager M: 07836 272359