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Jason is a highly experienced Action Director/Stunt Co-ordinator with over 35 years of experience working in the Film & TV industry.

Attending Morely Drama Collage, Jason was determined to work in Film & TV with some of his first roles being on a Bridge Too Far and as playing Roger Peacock in International Velvet. Some years later, Jason decided on a career change and in order to join the Stunt Register in 1982 he obtained 6 qualifications in 6 different sports at gold medal standard.

An on set accident put him out of action for 9 years and he spent some of the time attending a documentary Directors course at The National Film School and writing scripts. Jason returned to the world of stunts and became an Action Director and Stunt Co-ordinator with an understandable passion for safety for all.

With safety always in mind, Jason designed a range of ultra realistic Special Action Manikins to replace the old fashioned stunt dummies – something realistic and reactional enabling the director to fully realise an action sequence. While working on the first series of Peaky Blinders as both the Stunt Co-ordinator and Horse Master, Jason introduced the manikins which were used to great effect for Cillian Murphy to fight with and to replace Arthur for the hanging scene.

Jason is one of the few multi skilled Action Directors/Stunt Co-ordinators, whether it’s having the vision to orchestrate a large set piece, arrange a realistic fight sequence or working as a Horse Master – you’re definitely in safe and capable hands!

Languages Spoken: English


Production Type Year Role
Chelsea Cowboy Film 2023 Action Director
Sheriff Film 2022 Action Director
Peaky Blinders TV 2014 Stunt Coordinator/Horse Master
I Dreamed Of Africa Film 2000 Action Director