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Hangar 2
Cardington Airfield
MK42 0TF

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Host to many blockbuster movies, the huge scale of this indoor film studio, including the incredible 180ft to top roof pitch and a total square footage of 158,000sqft, makes Cardington Studios a top choice for film productions.

The vast studio space offers an option to shoot film in daylight, yet under cover with the blackouts removed. This large full-scale film production studio is second to none with a load bearing roof capacity of 25T per 28ft of length and with the installation of our impressive catwalk system, rigging at Cardington Studios is now very simple. Where height is of the essence, we are renowned for being able to accommodate large set builds.

One of the largest studios in Europe, Cardington Studios offers production offices, workshops, welfare areas, catering, H&S office, external parking and backlot.

The current clear span production space available is 814ft long x 180ft wide.

Languages Spoken: English


Production Type Year Role
Man v Robot TV 2018 Studio
Dumbo Film 2017 Studio
Revolution for Sky TV 2017 Studio
Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them Film 2016 Studio
Allied Film 2016 Studio
Mariah Carey tour rehearsals Other 2016 Studio


Name Role Contact Telephone / Mobile
Nina Malivoire Sales Send a message M: 07711 382610
Ronan Wilson Send a message M: 07711 382610