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Calvin Hanks safety services specialise in H&S assistance for TV/film.

We don’t say “No”, we ask “how can we do this safely”.

Our advisors have worked on some major projects and help make the impossible, possible. From quarries to cement works, runways and airports to woods and fields, we can assist.

From being on your recce to prepare risk assessments, to being on your shoot to oversee health & safety we can assist- including stunts, SFX and more.

Additionally, we tackle COVID on a risk management approach. Our Principal Consultant holds a Postgraduate qualification in Infection Control and can advise on management of COVID on your set - from experience and knowledge.

We provide risk assessments that help you identify and deal with key risks and won’t tie you down in unneccessary paperwork.

All with a smile on our faces!

Languages Spoken: Arabic, English, French

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Production Type Year Role
Samsung Commercial 2022 H&S advisor
Nike Commercial 2022 H&S advisor
McMillan Commercial 2022 H&S advisor
Three Commercial 2022 H&S advisor
Steph's Packed Lunch TV 2022 COVID Supervisor
Steph's Packed Lunch TV 2021 COVID supervisor