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We design, manufacture, sell and hire tents, marquees and temporary structures of all types for both in front and behind the camera. We are specialists in traditional marquees, working with traditional materials but can create any kind of tent small or large, very often with a quick turnaround. We also carry a stock of beautiful and traditional tents as well as vintage military tents.

We have bases in Kent, Oxfordshire, Cornwall , Somerset, Ireland and France.

Languages Spoken: English


Name Role Contact Telephone / Mobile
Rupert Preston Send a messageT: 01892 725489


Bohemia Canvas

Bohemia Canvas


Production Title Type Year Role Company
Masters of the Air Film 2024 Marquee Supplier Apple TV
The Vikings TV 2023 Marquee Supplier
Pan Film 2023 Marquee Supplier Warner Brothers
House Of Dragon TV 2022 Marquee Supplier HBO


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