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Turweston Aerodrome
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Bianchi Aviation supply classic and vintage aircraft and support services for the film and TV industry.  Based at Turweston Aerodrome, a new UK rural location facility just one hour and 15 minutes from West London.

The First World War started in 1914 and lasted for four years, much is known of the ground war on all sides, but the war in the air is still not fully understood by many. The impression that men went to war in fragile flying machines was partly true in the very beginning of the hostilities. In those early days very few aircraft were shot down by other aircraft. By 1917 the situation was quite the reverse with much more sophisticated well developed aircraft with adequate power and good armament being flown by experienced pilots on all sides of the conflict.

By the end of the war the top 10 “Aces” of each of the 8 countries involved, downed over 2,200 aircraft in aerial combat. Testament to the rapid development and advances of the aircraft and their pilots.

Our operation was formed many years ago and has focused on the aircraft, pilots and the culture of World War One aviation. We have been fortunate through our 50 plus years of involvement in the Film and TV industry, building and flying these unique aircraft we have been able to experience just a little of flying in similar conditions & contrived circumstances with simulated air combat, aerobatics, formation flying much as they did in The Great War, with the exception our guns are empty!

Our own collection of static and flying WW 1 aircraft, artefacts and equipment are kept in 2 airfield locations in Buckinghamshire and in the future, Stow Maries in Essex.

Bianchi Aviation Film Services “World War One Aircraft” are available for Film and TV productions and client special events at our own bases or the clients chosen location.