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Bare Arms was created in 2015 to provide expert military support to the theatrical industries, and is the most comprehensive service for productions requiring any combination of military advisers, specialist military performers, armourers, firearms, equipment, vehicles and battle coordinators.

Bare Arms advisers are highly trained and typically have a minimum of ten years combat experience. The advisers work with all types of productions through development, production and post-production to ensure that everything on screen comes together accurately and seamlessly.

Founded by Alistair Paton and Ben Simmons, Bare Arms has developed into a multi-faceted company that provides a wide range of services to productions. Bare Arms is the creator of the Theatrical Firearms Courses, a series of firearms training courses designed to teach performers to be safe and competent with firearms. TFC students are setting a new standard for safety and competence within in the UK film and TV industry.

Languages Spoken: English

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Production Type Year Role
Rogue Heroes TV 2022 Military Advisers & Specialist Performers
The Crown (S5-6) TV 2022 Military Advisers & Specialist Perfomers
Midwich Cuckoos TV 2022 Military Advisers, Specialist Perfomers, Armourers, Props, Costume
Mission Impossible 7 Film 2022 Firearms Instructors
Citadel TV 2022 Specialist Performers
Suspicion TV 2022 Specialist Performers