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Archway Campus
2-10 Highgate Hill
N19 3UA

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This vast site was built as an infirmary in the Victorian period and most recently operated as a campus for University College London and Middlesex University. The derelict six buildings are spread over 160,000sqft and are available day and night for filming. The superb multi-use space could double as a hospital, doctors, school, police station, community centre, municipal offices, canteen, laboratories or a sports centre; it has a unit base to service shoots plus set build space. FilmFixer have recently invested in converting the ground floor of the main building, the Holborn Union into a series of dedicated film sets – namely a hospital wing and a waiting room.

FilmFixer was started in 2007 to provide administrative and practical support for local authorities and landowners wishing to maximise income from location filming in London.

FilmFixer works closely with Locations teams and Production Offices to facilitate filming. We achieve the best results for residents, filmmakers and borough Councils alike.

We manage filming on behalf of thirteen London boroughs as well as Lee Valley Regional Park, The Peabody Group and many other private locations including Butler’s Wharf, Potters Fields Park, Gunnersbury Park and Chiswick House and Gardens.

Languages Spoken: English

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Production Type Year Role Company
Sam Ryder - Spaceman Music Video 2021 Filming location
Tiger Beer Commercial 2022 Filming location
Lollipop Film 2022 Filming location
You TV 2022 Unit base Netflix
Culprits TV 2022 Unit base Disney +
Criminal Record TV 2022 Unit base Apple TV+


Name Role Contact Telephone / Mobile
Tim Reynard Head of Private Locations Send a message T: 020 3887 2879
M: 07944 594491
Adam Huber Senior Private Locations Officer Send a message T: 020 3904 4541
M: 07939 962146

Latest news

Archway Campus - Hospital wing/waiting room sets

The Archway Campus features a waiting room and hospital ward set, built by FilmFixer.

The waiting room set was designed to easily double as a waiting room in a hospital, A&E, police station, doctor surgery or government building. Additionally, the hospital ward set is complete with three beds, curtains, and various props including tables, IV drip and heart monitor. The corridors outside directly resemble those of a hospital with a multitude of other rooms which can be easily dressed as wards or individual doctors’ assessment rooms.

To enquire, please contact locations@filmfixer.co.uk or call 020 3904 4545.

Archway Campus - Set build space

The former sports hall is available for short or long term hires for set-builds. The space is 7.3m tall and dimensions are 12.7m x 9.3m. The 1,500sqm parking area off Archway Road is suitable for small and medium sized units as well as crew car or technical vehicle only parking.

To enquire, please contact locations@filmfixer.co.uk or call 020 3904 4545.