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Foreside Farm
Fereneze Road
By Neilston
G78 3AQ

About Us

Here at Animal Wrangler Scotland we specialise in providing trained and well socialised animals for Film, TV, Commercials and all productions in between. Years of experience has given us a clear understanding of the challenges faced with animal actors on set and location.

We offer pre-production planning, advice and input.
We have sourced, trained and accompanied an extensive array of animals, birds, reptiles and insects for over 2 decades in the business.
Fully licensed, we have a current Animal Activities Licence for England

The majority of which are our own animals. From our own beautiful andalusian horses ( including stallions, mares and foals), cats, lots of dogs, ridden ox, fox, wolf hybrid, cattle and sheep and a crow….....almost all who have credits, to animals brought in especially for clients specification.

We also agent for more specialised jobs and liaise between trainers and production.

We are often present on productions to manage the animals not provided by us. Time and keeping a film day moving are so very crucial, it is a sound investment to bring in a professional wrangler to take the pressure off the 1st to get a scene complete where animals and non-industry savvy owners are involved.

Animal welfare is very important to us, so we genuinely go the extra mile to prepare our animals and involving ourselves closely with productions to achieve the best performance with the least stress. It’s a specialised job, and there is little substitute for experience.

Please give us a call to discuss any upcoming productions, and even last minute can be often accommodated given our access to film ready animals.

Languages Spoken: English


Production Type Year Role Company
Supernova Film 2020 Animal Wrangler
Ardbeg Commercial 2019 Animal Wrangler
The Vanishing Film 2019 Animal Wrangler
My Pet and Me TV 2019 Animal Wrangler
Molly and Mack TV 2019 Animal Wrangler
Two doors Down TV 2018 Animal Wrangler


Name Role
Bozena Bienkowska Animal Wrangler