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Specialists in period-accurate music.  Live bands and orchestras circa 1910s - 1940s for film and television.

We pride ourselves on faithful recreations of music from the 1920s and 1930s and have lent our talents to many period productions costume dramas etc both on and off-screen. When licensing of original recordings is either too expensive or a more immediate vintage sound is required we are able to record timestamped copies.

We have a big roster of extras who are professional musicians who can provide on-set playback or can mime to pre-record.

Additionally, we are a prop hire store for hard to find vintage musical instruments and equipment including
1920s and 1930s drumkits, drums, drumsets
saxophones, trumpets, trombones, vintage microphones, music stands, tuxedos, tailcoats.

We provide bands and musicians for contemporary wedding scenes, parties, bar mitzvah, award ceremony etc. We also have a large library of pre-recorded period authentic music to license.

Call Alex Mendham on
+44 (0)7769 116769 to discuss your requirements


Languages Spoken: English



Production Type Year Role
Mr Selfridge Film 2016 Backing Band
Avengers Age Of Ultron Film 2015 Bandleader - Period Music Consultant
Downton Abbey Film 2015 Jazz Band


Alex Mendham