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Over 34 years experience as a fully qualified Stunt Co-ordinator/ Performer,  has provided me with the expertise to develop into a knowledgable and well respected stunt Co-ordinator.

I am one of the original founders of the newly formed British Stunt Register Association, administrating and grading most of the active Stunt Co-Ordinators & Performers in the UK.

Working with my widely talented team of professional stunt performers and including many hours of dedicated preparation, I am able to create powerful and dramatic stunt sequences, big or small, with the confidence that my team and the crew are safe.

I have a natural technique for tutoring actors of all ages, to enhance their confidence and ability and maximise their physical involvement in the safe and controlled environment I create.This enables them to perform physical action and extreme fight sequences with consistency and outstanding results.I am composed, passionate and enthusiastic. My objective is to support and enhance the directors vision with creativity and innovation.

In 1994 I was honoured to be invited to join the ‘Hollywood Stuntman’s Hall Of Fame’, based in Ohio and over the years have worked on many award winning TV and film productions.


I take the safety of my stunt team, cast and crew members, very seriously and always work closely with production from concept to completion.  My Risk Assessments are comprehensive, detailed and in line with HSE requirements and I am on the ITV and BBC’s list of ‘Approved Contractors’.


Vehicle specialist: Track driving, precision driving, car turnovers, near misses, car knockdowns, motorbikes, HGV Class 1.
Fight arranging: Both with actors & stunt performers.
Water Safety: All aspects of water work for actors, stunt performers & children. Fully qualified Dive leader.
Horsemaster: British Horse Society Assistant Instructor. All aspects of horsework.
Full Body Burns: Including partial burns with actors.
Wire Work: Both with actors & stunt performers.

Other skills & licences include - Private Pilots Licence   Motor Racing Licence   National Powerboat licence   Shotgun Licence   Firearms Certificate


Andrea Riseborough - Lead Actor, Zero Zero Zero
“Your kindness and care AMAZES me. I am so grateful for all the hard work you’ve done on this show and I am so sad to say goodbye to you. I do so hope we get to work together soon - maybe on an ‘all lady’ crew!!’ Love, respect and THANK YOU.”

Jules Hussey - Producer GUILT
“Abbi I feel such GUILT that you weren’t credited fully on the BBC Scotland 4 part series I produced. Your coordinating of the crash which starts it all, the fight in episode 3 and Max’s broken nose in episode 4 were all efficient, effective, safe, calm and creative. Thank you so much and sorry for the credit chaos. You deserve the credit and this apology.”

Paul Sprinz – Producer, Commercials “Thank you to you, for your work this week – the pleasure was all ours in having you as part of the team – you were absolutely key to the success & safety of the shoot”

Jim Field-Smith - Director “Abbi, your calm influence, creative thinking and good humour enabled us to complete some very ambitious stunts on a challenging budget, but never unimpressive or unsafe. Thanks a million.”

Phil Gilbert – Producer TV “ Thank you so much for bringing your expertise to ‘White Gold’ - You were amazing.  All the stunts and car set pieces look terrific! Looking forward to working with you again soon.”

Adam Browne - Line Producer, TV “I have worked with Abbi Collins for many years and found her to be a highly competent Stunt Co-ordinator. Both her attention to detail and her collaborative spirit have resulted in her team carrying out many extremely successful, safe and dynamic stunts. The stunt world could do with more professionals like her, I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Rosa Romero - Line Producer, Film “Working with Abbi as a Stunt Co-ordinator was a great experience. We worked together under extremely difficult conditions and not only did she perform professionally at all times, she also maintained a consistently sunny disposition.”

Stephen Abrahams - BBC Producer “Abbi has worked with our leading child actors across a range of stunt coordination. She has given them physical confidence which has been invaluable to their performances. Her knowledge, practicality and charm ensured she became indispensable to all involved.”

Should you have any enquiries or are interested in working with Abbi Collins, you can reach her by telephone or Email.

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Zero Zero Zero TV 2019
The Origin Film 2020
Anne Boleyn TV 2020
McDonald & Dodds TV 2020
Phea Film 2020
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