Shia LaBeouf to shoot crime drama in Wales

Shia LaBeoufFilming begins on 8 April on Salvable, a new crime feature starring Shia LaBeouf set against the backdrop of the boxing world

The five-week shoot takes place near Cardiff with directing duo (Bjorn) Franklin and (Johnny) Marchetta at the helm

Toby Kebbell stars as Sal “The Bull”, an over-the-hill boxer heading towards his 40s who is battling a life full of unfulfilled dreams and regrets.

When his old friend Vince reappears (LaBeouf, pictured), Sal finds a chance of personal salvation in the form of illegal boxing. But will he take it, even if it destroys the bond with his daughter? James Cosmo co-stars. 

As first reported on Deadline, former World Boxing Champion Carl Froch is training the two lead actors, with the sessions to be filmed for an accompanying documentary. 

Directors Franklin & Marchetta are best known to date for their work on music videos; Salvable is their feature debut. Jamie Gamache and Connor O’Hara produce for Lowkey Films alongside Julien Loeffler and James Kermack for Featuristic Films. 

Shia LaBeouf image credit Pietro Luca Cassarino via Creative Commons. 

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