Killer-rodent comedy horror films at Dragon Studios

Olivia CookeA rodent-killer comedy horror, The Scurry, starts filming today (2 April) on location and at Dragon Studios in Wales

The film is directed by Craig Roberts from a screenplay by Tim Telling, and is one of the first to make use of the recently-announced Independent Film Tax credit for features with budgets up to £15m; The Scurry has a budget of £10m upwards. 

From Water & Power Productions, Cliff Edge Pictures, and Circus Studios, the film centres on a gang of deranged, killer squirrels that invade a country park eco-café, with a mix of pest controllers, a sulky teenager, hypocritical vegans, and a drug dealer making up the eclectic mix of survivors who must battle the rodents… 

Rhys IfansRhys Ifans (left), Olivia Cooke (above), Paapa Essiedu, Mia McKenna-Bruce and Antonia Thomas star. 


Producers are James Swarbrick for Water & Power and Adrian Bate for Cliff Edge.

The executive producers are Tom Miller and Sam Myer for Water & Power, Craig Roberts for Cliff Edge, Zygi Kamasa for True Brit, and James Spring and James Scott for Circus Studios.

Swarbrick said: “It’s great to be back in business with the legend that is Craig Roberts, from his visual flair and skill with the camera meant that the moment we read Tim’s incredible script there was only one man for the job. Craig brings a humour and wit to his work, which is ideally suited to a horrifying rodent apocalypse.”

Bate added: “You may want to think twice about sitting in your garden or visiting your local park after seeing this movie. Through Craig Roberts’ unique directorial prism and with our stellar cast, we’ll witness the forest sending in their fur clad foot soldiers to avenge their mistreatment. It’s time for nature to bite back.”

Olivia Cooke headshot image credit Rachell Smith. 


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