Feature film Lola and Freddie to shoot in London this summer

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Naomie harrisA new feature film, Lola and Freddie, will shoot in London locations this summer with Naomie Harris, Joel Fry, Jameela Jamil and Olivia Lee leading the cast.


The feature is described as a British re-imagining of Celeste and Jesse Forever and is directed by Craig Dean from a screenplay by Peter Howitt. Dean is best known to date for Death at a Funeral, with his other writing credits including Caffeine, A Few Best Men and Moonwalkers. His recent films as writer/director are Love, Wedding, Repeat, The Honeymoon and The Estate.


Lola and Freddie is produced by Christopher Simon of New Sparta Productions alongside Lee Nelson and David Tish of Envision Media Arts. Stephen Kelliher and Sophie Green of Bankside Films serve as executive producers. 


Filming will take place in north-west London this summer. Director Craig said: "I absolutely loved Celeste & Jesse Forever, so when I read Peter Howitt’s script for the UK-set reimagining I was delighted to see he’d managed to retain the comedic and soulful essence of the original and at the same time create something that feels utterly new and unique, and totally English.


“Naomie and Joel are the perfect Lola & Freddie, and it’s a privilege to get to work with this phenomenally talented cast, and fantastic producers. I think we have the elements in place to make a very special film."


Lee and Tish commented, “Celeste and Jesse Forever put us on the map 10 years ago and we’re thrilled to be diving back into this universally appealing story to explore it through a new lens with a modern spin alongside the hugely talented filmmaker Dean Craig and our amazing cast.”


Naomie Harris image via S Pakhrin, DC and Creative Commons.

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