Joe Lycett to take on water companies

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Channel 4 has ordered a new documentary that will see presenter Joe Lycett investigate the UK’s waterways have become so polluted and why water companies have been allowed to pump out sewage. 

Joe Lycett vs Poo (w/t) is a 1 x 60 co-production between Rumpus Media and My Options Were Limited. The executive producers are Emily Hudd and Iain Wimbush for Rumpus Media and Joe Lycett for My Options Were Limited. The series producer is Matt Nida and the director is Tommy Forbes.

As part of the programme, Lycett recently carried out  an attention-grabbing stunt to launch his latest fake podcast project – Turdcast – where a giant inflatable toilet dubbed the Turdis accidentally leaked fake “sewage” into Liverpool Docks. The stunt had no environmental nor biological impact on the area and the spillage was in fact marine mud.

Joe Lycett said: “I spilled fake sewage because I wanted to get people talking about the billions of litres of real sewage that are released every year by our water companies. Last year, according to one analysis the water companies paid shareholders £1.4 billion in dividends. That’s a lot of money that could have been used to improve the sewer network and reduce spills.

“We’re asking the water companies to stop paying dividends and instead invest the money in solving this problem. So please write to your water company asking them to sign up to what I’m calling Joe’s Poo Promise – not the first time I’ve used those words – there’s information about how to do this at”

Iain Wimbush, joint MD, Rumpus Media, said: “Having tackled national treasures, entire states and oil giants, Joe has now set his sights on growing scourge of poor practice by British water companies. Joe has an innate ability to find new ways to get people engaged with subjects that might not be getting the attention they deserve, and we look forward to a day when we can all enjoy waters in the UK without fear of finding they're filled with excrement.”


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