Morfydd Clark to play Evelyn Glennie in new biopic

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Evelyn Glennie and Morfydd ClarkMorfydd Clark (pictured, right) is set to play percussionist Evelyn Glennie in Making Noise, a new feature biopic that will shoot next spring. 

Nicky Bentham of Neon and James Brown of The Other Producer are producing with Hope Dickson Leach directing from James Anthony Pearson’s screenplay.  

Glennie became profoundly deaf as a child, and went on to be lauded as the world’s leading solo percussionist, winning multiple awards including Grammys. She is acting as musical consultant on Making Noise, as well as coaching Clark. 

Dickson Leach said: “’Making Noise’ will be as original and unique as the woman at its beating heart. A woman who changed music forever. An artist who refused to be ignored. The turmoil of creation and the ecstasy of the transcendent — that is the story I fell in love with when I was introduced to Evelyn’s life. 

“We are used to seeing the world of classical music as one of high culture, but we will resist that: Evelyn is a rock star of classical music whose fire continues to burn bright. Her story will command an audience’s attention until the last euphoric note is struck.”

Austrian production company FreibeuterFilm is on board to co-produce. 

Image of Evelyn Glennie and Morfydd Clark, credit Shane Benson/Embankment Films. 

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