A Christmas poem from The Knowledge

StarA Christmas poem from The Knowledge 

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land

The film crews were wrapping their projects-in-hand

And telly folk too, with their reels in the can

Did head home in the snow, each woman and man.

For 2022 had been quite a year,

For features and dramas - they were all filming here.

From all over the world the producers had come,

Bearing gifts of investment in sparkling sum.

They had heard all about the talented crew

So, tax credits in hand, to the UK they flew.

At the end of their journey they did see some lights,

Lights of new studios that were burning so bright. 

From purpose-built spaces to conversions and more, 

And expansions of studios that had been built years before. 

The studio frenzy was in such full swing

That World of Studios – UK became a regular thing! 

So here's to the studios, the old and the new

And the ones not quite finished, that are still being hewn.

All these high-end new spaces that are under construction 

Will provide yet more support for UK production. 

And to all those involved in supplying spaces so vital

Thank you for helping the UK keep its title

As a top destination for content creators;  

Here at The Knowledge, we are appreciators!  

And to the marvellous work that our readers all do,

Here's to 2023 - for we salute you. 




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