Alice Lowe preps new feature, Timestalker, to film in Wales

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Alice LoweWriter/director Alice Lowe is nearing production on Timestalker, her much-anticipated new feature that is due to begin filming in Cardiff in mid-September. 

A sci-fi rom-com, Timestalker centres on Agnes (Lowe) – a hapless heroine reincarnated every time she falls in love with the wrong man…

An ensemble cast - Natasia Demetriou, Sam Riley and Jacob Anderson were the names originally announced - will feature in the violent comedy, playing different characters in each historical time period featured. 

Western Edge Pictures’ Vaughan Sivell produces, working alongside Tom Wood and Mark Hopkins. Lowe stars and directs from her own screenplay. 

Timestalker is Lowe’s second collaboration with Western Edge Pictures, following her directorial debut, the comedy slasher Prevenge, in 2016. 

Lowe previously said of the project: “I am thrilled to be working with WEP again and so excited to wrangle this crazy adventure that's been lurking in the back of my mind for over a year. 

“I want to bring to audiences the concept driven comedy that I enjoy but haven't seen on screen for a while. It's going to be colourful splashy and wild. I can't wait.”

Photo via Jeff Spicer and Getty Images. 


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