Rallying cry plus incentives for industry to help with major survey

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Film & TV charityThe Film & TV Charity has issued a rallying cry for everyone working behind the scenes in film, TV, and cinema to complete the 2022 Looking Glass Survey by Monday 18th July, with newly-added incentives to increase engagement.  


Anyone who takes the survey and provides their email, including those who have already done so, will be entered into a draw to receive one of the following:


  •  A pass to this year’s Edinburgh TV Festival
  •  A ticket to a future Royal Film Performance
  •  A Cineworld Unlimited Pass


The incentives are being offered in acknowledgement of the fact that survey fatigue, in combination with busy post-lockdown schedules, is having an impact on the number of survey completions compared to previous years.


As with previous iterations, insight from the 2022 Looking Glass Survey will be instrumental to the development of the Charity’s services, as well as for continuing to make the case for change to the wider industry. Data from previous surveys has led to the creation of the Charity’s Bullying Advice Service, the Whole Picture Toolkit for mentally healthy productions, and has helped to shape the financial support available to people working behind the scenes. 


The survey also forms part of the Charity’s ongoing commitment to supporting mental health, tracking changes in attitudes, and spotting areas of improvement or decline.


To ensure the survey is representative, the Charity is asking everyone working behind the scenes, from commissioners to camera operators, directors to cinema projectionists, and in every corner of the UK, to complete the survey and share it with their colleagues. 


They especially want to hear from those from under-represented groups including:

• Black, Asian, and minority ethnic people 

• People who identify as LGBTQIA+ 

• People with caring responsibilities 

• Disabled people  

• Freelancers 

• Women




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