BBC and Netflix order Cunk on Earth

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Philomena CunkDiane Morgan’s Philomena Cunk is set to return to BBC Two and Netfilx with Cunk on Earth, a 5 x 30 from Broke & Bones. 

The show sees Cunk attempt to unlock the mystery of human civilisation and discover humankind’s greatest achievements. 

Philomena said: “This series it’s in my contract to go somewhere better than just Britain so I’m hoping I at least go to Italy as that seems a safe bet. I’m looking forward to getting out of the house and tracing humanity’s progress and also finding out exactly what a ‘civilisations’ is.”

Charlie Brooker, creator, writer and executive producer, added: “I am delighted to be working with Philomena again, even though she is a fictional character who, like me, has never experienced the emotion of ‘delight’ and has only a limited understanding of what constitutes ‘work’. In pursuit of nothing less than the definitive story of human civilisation, she’s going to visit every corner of the globe our budget and official pandemic travel restrictions will allow. Globes don’t have corners but you know what I mean. Diane Morgan is very funny. I have run out of things to say in this quote. Stop reading. Go away.”

Cunk On Earth is written by Brooker, Ben Caudell, Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris with additional material by Eli Goldstone and Michael Odewale. The executive producers are Brooker, Annabel Jones and Ali Marlow and the series producer is Sam Ward. The director is Christian Watt. 

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