Netflix generates £130m for SW England

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BridgertonIn the past two years, Netflix has generated £132m in production revenue from projects filmed in south-west England, and created more than 1,000 jobs in the region. 

Shows like Bridgerton, Rebecca and Our Planet have showcased the area, with the SVoD having filmed in locations including Hartland Quay in Devon, Mapperton House in Dorset and Lyme Regis, with the knock-on effect from film tourism expected to further boost interest and spend. 

Netflix has also partnered with local production companies including Aardman Animations, Wildspace, Wildseed, Plimsoll Films and Silverback Films. More than 500 SW-based businesses have benefitted from the inward investment. 

Netflix’s vice president of physical production Anna Mallett said that the south west is a “creative powerhouse.”

She went on to illustrate the drive to collaborate with regional companies and crew: “We believe that there is a depth of talent in the region unlike no other. That’s why we’re working with local partners to ensure the next generation of creatives can take full advantage of the opportunities in our industry.

"We’re partnering with Bristol’s Aardman Animations on a new programme that will encourage and showcase the range  of careers in animation, support the professional development of those already in the sector, and provide emerging talent with opportunities on Netflix Aardman productions. 

“This is part of Grow Creative UK, Netflix’s flagship programme to support the careers and training of up to 1,000 people across the UK.  Netflix will also co-sponsor the Production Guild of Great Britain’s inaugural Bristol & South West committee to help drive forward the development of the region's High-End TV sector. 

Image via Netflix. 

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