Ben Chanan drama You begins European shoot

SkyYou, a shiny new Sky One drama from writer Ben Chanan, has begun filming in Europe, with a production base in Berlin. 

The 8 x 60 comes from Kudos and is based on the novel YOU by Zoran Drvenkar.

Chanan also exec produces alongside Karen Wilson and Katie McAleese for Kudos, and Kara Manley and Serena Thompson for Sky Studios.

Derek Ritchie produces; the lead director is Robbie McKillop. 

When Tara O’Rourke kills her estranged father in a drug-fuelled rage, she and her best friends are forced to flee across Europe in search of Tara’s long-lost mother. 

During their journey, the girls must navigate dwindling funds, awkward romances and an inconvenient pregnancy – but the biggest danger comes from Tara’s uncle, Reagan – because the girls made the mistake of stealing Reagan’s drug stash, and he happens to be the most feared gangster in Rotterdam. And all the while, the spectre of a mythical serial killer known as The Traveller inches ever closer…

Kudos is also currently in production on SAS: Rogue Heroes, filming in the UK and Morocco. 

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