HDM costume dept makes scrubs for NHS

HDM Members of the costume department on His Dark Materials (HDM) have been volunteering to make scrubs for medics handling the Covid-19 crisis. 

Production company Bad Wolf announced the undertaking on its official Twitter account for the BBC fantasy high-end drama. 

Included is a link to a GoFundMe page called Helping Dress Medics – deliberately using the same initials as the show - that is hoping to raise money needed to supply the necessary materials for the volunteers to use. 

Several members of the costume team are involved, some in Cardiff and a few elsewhere, but with the aim of keeping the scheme local to supply to the hospitals that are closest to the endeavour, to both minimise risk of contagion and to cut down costs.  

The team is liaising with the hospitals about their specific requirements. The sewing team says that, should there be any money leftover once the materials have been bought, it will be passed onto one of the 3D printing companies who are now working on protective face shields for NHS workers. 

Photo via: BBC 

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