Filming begins on new John le Carre

Filming begins on new John le Carre

Filming begins this week on the latest John le Carre TV adaptation.

The Little Drummer Girl is a 6 x 60 for BBC One and, as with the Night Manager, comes from The Ink Factory, the BBC and AMC.

Florence Pugh, Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Shannon lead the cast of the espionage drama that is set in 1970s Greece.

Pugh plays an aspiring actress, Charlie, who is drawn into a complex and dangerous world by Becker, an Israeli intelligence officer.

Film director Park Chan-wook makes his TV debut on the drama with filming taking place in the UK and a couple of other European countries.

Production Intelligence subscribers – who were the first to hear of the adaptatipon back in September last year – can log in for details on key production hires including the line producer, production co-ordinator, DoP and production designer.

The Ink Factory was founded by le Carre”s sons Stephen and Simon Cornwell and, although the company does not solely produce adaptations of their father”s novels, le Carre”s literary canon forms the core foundation of their output.

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