The Last Dragonslayer lined up at Sky

The Last Dragonslayer lined up at Sky

A feature-length adaptation of Jasper Fforde”s fantasy novel The Last Dragonslayer is in the pipeline at Sky 1.

The book is set in a world where magic and dragons are on the wane, as technology takes over.

Wizards are losing their powers, instead spending their time on DIY and molecharming. The story centres on Jennifer Strange, a teenage girl who works at a sorcerers” employment agency, who finds herself at the centre of a prophecy about the death of the last dragon…

PI subscribers can find details of the production company behind the two-hour single adaptation, which comes from writer Tom Edge (Scrotal Recall, Pramface, Threesome.)

Also on PI are names of the producer and director along with the likely shoot date; subscribers should follow The Last Dragonslayer as we will be updating with more crucial hires and specifics as filming draws near.

Non-subscribers can click here for a demo of PI, where they will be taken on a virtual tour around the site, which now has listings for nearly 7,000 productions.

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Photo: Jasper Fforde.

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