10 Twitter tips to bag a TV job

10 Twitter tips to bag a TV job

With competition fierce, wages freezing and budgets falling, getting a job in TV is tougher than ever. However, landing a job with the help of social media needn’t be a struggle. Here are ten tips to help you win your next job – want to suggest any of your own? Then tweet us @TheKnowledgeUK.

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1. Follow companies
Lots of companies advertise vacancies via Twitter, so make sure you’re following production companies, broadcasters etc. Some leading companies have a separate vacancy page, like Channel 4 (@Channel4Jobs), the BBC (@BBCRecruitment) and Sky (@workforsky).

2. Job boards
Follow job portals like @theunitlist. If you’re subscribed to jobs sites such as @ProductionBase then follow these too. You’ll also benefit by keeping up-to-date with vacancies from profiles such as @mediamuppet and Guardian Media Jobs (@GJ_MediaJobs), who both post vacancies across all media.

3. Follow peers and professionals
Make sure you’re connected with all your peers on the social media platform. Also follow professionals you admire and would want to work for one day. It helps to find out the ins and outs of their job.

4. Use the hashtag
Hashtags are great for finding jobs. Searching #tvjobs, for example, will reveal a plethora of vacancies.

5. Career advice
Looking for interview advice or tips to help further your skillset while searching for a job? Then following career-focussed profiles like @GuardianCareers will provide you with some invaluable info.

6. Promote your brand
Use your Twitter account to promote what you do. Are you a producer who specialises in factual entertainment? If so then mention this in your profile section. Working on a shoot? Then post an interesting picture while on location.

7. Link away
Include links in your tweets, especially to TV shows you’ve made (available on catch up for example) or to something new in your online portfolio. Make sure you have a link to your showreel in your profile description too.

8. Say something useful
Don’t just promote yourself – tweet useful content others will want to share. If it’s about the industry, even better. This will get you noticed more, sounding like a true professional who’s worthy of a job.

9. Be careful what you say
Always be aware that prospective employers may find you on Twitter. Don’t slag off productions or people, swear, or say something you wouldn’t want a potential hirer to see.

10. Set up a separate account
If you’re a prolific Twitter user following hundreds of celebs, vacancies can get lost in the mix. Set up a separate account (in a fake name if need be) solely to follow vacancies. This is a great way to keep you focussed on your search.

Did you find any of these tips useful? If so tweet us @TheKnowledgeUK.


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