What to expect at the BSC Expo

What to expect at the BSC Expo

BSC ExpoThe BSC Expo 2013 will be taking place from the 22– 23 March on the prestigious Richard Attenborough Stage at Pinewood Studios.

The Richard Attenborough Stage, which was recently used for the production of Les Miserables, provides the BSC Expo the opportunity to present its largest event yet.

With the larger space available the BSC Expo will present more exhibitors than ever before – with a number of exhibitors participating for their first time at this event. For the latest list of exhibitors please visit the BSC Expo website.

In addition to the huge variety of products being showcased and displayed, there will be exhibitor demonstrations along with specialist BSC panels.

Topics which the panels will cover include:

Advance of 4K in home & cinema – how this affects cinematography.

Convergence of roles on film set. Who is actually required to shoot digitally?

Which small/semi pro cameras can I use on my shoot and how do they intercut with my main camera package?

Why are DoP’;s using imperfect lenses from the past and what is the future – is it sharp?

There will also be a raft of presentations which will focus on issues such as:

The right tools for the job – Mixing professional and semi pro-cameras

Advance of 4K – How this affects cinematography

New lenses vs. Old lenses

Digital cinematography technology – Comparing the cameras

More details of this programme will be available on the BSC Expo website later this week – please keep checking the website for the latest news on exhibitor products and seminars.

To register for attendance please simply click here. Registration is free and parking on site is also available free of charge. If you are visiting by train then a shuttle service will also be available from Uxbridge & Slough and details of this schedule will also be available on site shortly.

Don”t miss out on this opportunity to support the UK”s largest “industry” event hosted by and supported by the British Society of Cinematographers.

For any general show information please email or call 023 9266 6155.

We look forward to seeing you at the BSC Expo 2013 – The Richard Attenborough Stage, Pinewood Studios.

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