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Unit 3E
Standard Industrial Estate
E16 2ES

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Silvertown Studios stocks the impressive on-camera Absen Polaris PL2.5 with Brompton Processing LED is an excellent solution for VP. The combination of high-resolution displays and advanced rendering software, can create immersive backgrounds and realistic landscapes. Actors can interact with the virtual environments in real-time, which helps to construct a more authentic performance and saves time in post-production. Submitting a refresh rate of up to 7680Hz along with the scan ratio of 1:8 presents content in a smooth motion display, even when capturing fast-moving objects. Incorporating Brompton processing within the LED offers exceptional motion handling and reduces motion blur, contributing to the clarity and precision of the final shot.
Our 6,000 sqft creative space at our Virtual Production Film Studios, Silvertown studios is ideal for Virtual Production, Film, TV Productions & Live Streaming.

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Silvertown Studios are excited to utilise the impressive Absen Polaris PL2.5 with Brompton Processing LED purely du… https://t.co/E1rv2lGhVE