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A-Camera/Steadicam Operator specializing in single-camera TV/film drama originated on Digital, 35mm & Super 16mm formats. Steadicam Owner/Operator, excellent handheld Operator, 27 years’ global filming experience. Experienced with use of cranes utilising remote heads/wheels.

Please view my full CV and showreel on my website: www.ghcamera.com

Languages Spoken: English

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Production Type Year Role
‘Call the Midwife’ series 10 (eps1 & 8) TV 2021 DOP
‘Liaison’ TV 2021 B-Camera/Steadicam
’The Irregulars’ TV 2021 B-Camera/Steadicam
The Split TV 2020 B-Camera/Steadicam Dailies
Roadkill TV 2020 B/A-Camera Dailies
The Irregulars TV 2020 B/A-Camera & Steadicam Dailies