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Enterprise House
Wrest Park
MK45 4HS

About Us

BTP Enviro has been looking after productions for 20 years, from small TV programmes to big block buster movies.

Services include:

- Pest monitoring and control around crew catering areas for Food Safety Compliance and protection.
- Flying Hawks in sound stages to remove birds fouling on sets or disrupting takes by calling and noise.
- Wasps and fly control as causing issues around bins and craft service.
- Humane fox removal from stages and locations
- Pigeon guano removal from a new location with our specialist sprayers and foggers.
- Specialist Covid 19 spraying service for small or large areas.

We have even fogged large sound stages for insects biting the crew. Clothes moth monitoring and control in large costumer collections.

All pests monitored and managed, all staff qualified, audited B.P.C.A. members.

Languages Spoken: English

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Twitter @BTPEnviro

Back to work? Are you pest ready after lockdown? Free guide from the BPCA https://t.co/kgwNsrO4M5



Production Type Year Role
Fast & Furious 9 Film 2019 Environmental Services
Cursed TV 2019 Environmental Services
Fantastic Beasts Film 2018 Environmental Services
Pennyworth TV 2018 Environmental Services
Spiderman Film 2018 Environmental Services
1917 Film 2018 Environmental Services