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We are a fully mobile veterinary practice with five years of experience in the film and tv industry. contact us now to arrange a free consultation on what your requirements are.
Our services include
Pre-Production Help: We can assess your needs and advise on whether scenes are feasible and if any welfare considerations will need to be made. Also, the arrangements on set for rest and comfort for any animals.
On-Set Vet: If required, we can provide a vet to be present for the filming days when animals are on set to advise and monitor welfare. We will also produce a certificate confirming good practice and that there were no welfare issues.
Clear and Fair Pricing: After our consultation, we will produce a bespoke package and quote for your production needs, as well as set out our responsibilities to you.

Palace Vets

Palace Vets

Palace Vets


Production Title Type Year Role Company
BAFTA 2024 TV 2024 On Call Veterinary Surgeon
Advert Produced by Unit 9 Commercial 2022 Veterinary Surgeon
Advert produced by Academy Films Commercial 2022 Veterinary Surgeon
Yorkshire Vet TV 2019 Veterinary Surgeon


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