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With over 30 years of experience, we have kitchens, catering appliances and refrigeration solutions which are ideal for onset and location catering fulfilment. We deliver all over the country and have supplied countries within Europe.
Our range of temporary portable kitchens are suitable for short, medium and long term rental.
Sprinters are trailer kitchens, which are perfect for on location catering. These come with the option of having a serving hatch.
Maxi Production kitchens are suited for medium length if hire for onset or on location catering. We also have the Maxi Preparation kitchen and the Maxi Dishwash kitchen, it may be possible to link several of these units together. These kitchens are delivered by a lorry.
Modex Modular kitchens are Ideally suited to larger scale projects where preparation, cooking and washing zones can be created under one roof to offer a long-term catering and dining solution. Designed to suit your needs.
We have a range of over 1200 kitchen appliances including ovens, hobs and catering-hot boxes.
We also supply preparation equipment such as tables and sinks. Dishwashing appliances are available to hire. Not forgetting our range of refrigeration, cold-rooms, blast chillers, fridge and freezers.
Our in-house design and contract management team will create and design layouts for a Modex Modular kitchen also designing temporary kitchens for commercials and TV programs in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Languages Spoken: English

On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd

On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd

On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd


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