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6 Anne Roper Close
New Romney
TN28 8UA

About Us

1st-Take-Action-Drivers supply stunt performers specialising in automotive stunts for the TV, Live Action and Motion Picture industry as well as supplying training in automotive stunt work to industry professionals.

Formed by Stewert Lyddall and David Hornsey, 1st-Take brings a wealth of stunt performing experience to deliver the shots you want.

We can supply drivers, riders and operators for car, bike and boat stunts as well as the traditional stunt performances such as fight scenes and fire scenes.

We can also supply any cars, bikes or watercraft for your production.

Languages Spoken: English


Production Type Year Role Company
Ford Commercial 2019 Precision Rider
Legacy of Lies Film 2019 Precision Driver
Street Dancer Film 2019 Stunt Coordinator and Stunt Driver
Poison Arrow Film 2019 Film Water Safety and Policeman (Stunts)
Aston Martin Other 2018 Display Driver Goodwood Festival of Speed and Carfest
The New Pope HBO TV 2018 Stunt Driver Young Actor Instructor in Bentley