Take Control of Flight Safety with ‘Drone Assist’

Released at the end of the 2016, safety app ‘Drone Assist’ is currently assisting thousands of drone operators to carry out thier flights safely.

The App’s primary purpose is to help drone pilots fly responsibly and safely. It does this by assisting with pilots with flight plans and preparations ahead of time for locations in the UK.

There are also of course elements that are useful for productions as well.

In particular, the Area Reports feature provides users with a visual ‘Red/Amber/Green’ scoring mechanism. This allows for a quick and easy way to see a real-time summary of hazards in a particular area when viewing the map.

These include ground hazards such as the location of pylons and high wires, as well areas that may have additional privacy concerns such as schools and prisons. These summaries are categorised as High Risk (red), Medium Risk/Caution (amber) or Fly Safe: Follow Drone Code (green).

Weather information was added to the app in 2017, allowing pilots to view the latest weather conditions, as well as a forecast for the next hour.

‘Drone Assist’ is available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

How we can help you

If you have an upcoming production involving the deployment or management of drones, please get in touch . Drone legislation is becoming a mine field to navigate through and we can assist with any queries or risk assessments.

We also provide safety training for the deployment of drones in productions, email for more details.

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