Saxon Shoot ‘Sacrifice’ at LS-Live

British heavy metal band Saxon descended up the LS-Live studio in Wakefield to make and film the music video to their new single ‘Sacrifice’, which has reached number 14 in the German charts.

Heavy on special effects, the video is set to a stark backdrop where the band members and a ghostly female figure perform from LS-Live’s LiteDeck stage, which they covered in sand. The video’s sacrificial theme harks back to the Inca generation.
The band, from nearby South Yorkshire, had spent over a year writing and recording their 20th studio album, also called ‘Sacrifice’ in LS-Live’s new sound-proofed band rehearsal room, where they worked with the company to refine the facilities.

The album was produced by frontman Biff Byford, with Andy Sneap mixing and engineering by Jacky Lehmann. It has been praised for its raw thrash metal sounds and guitar work.

Whilst at the studio, the team made a documentary feature film about the making of the music video, which you can watch on LS-Live’s YouTube Channel.

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