Reviews for Princess Ida, Musical

”…. stunning tableaus in the intimate space, one of note is five maidens in Grecian-style dress, wielding hockey sticks at a male army.
It’s some feat on this small stage to have so many dancing cast members and not have them crash into each other. The dancing is remarkably graceful and the singing is a joy to hear.
This play should not go unperformed in London for such a long time ever again, nor should it be missed at the Finborough.”
Verdict: ****…/princess-ida-at-the-finboro…/

”…, the singing is absolutely top-hole, and so is the movement and choreography.”
”Hildebrand or no Hildebrand, the show is a hoot. To quote that most disagreeable man Gama, there is NOTHING WHATEVER TO GRUMBLE AT.”…/…/princess-ida.html

”…this small-scale production is inventive and subtle…”

”Deft on-the-spot choreography by Thomas Michael Voss does a cheeky Forbidden Broadway Les Misérables job on the girls wielding hockey stocks and waving a red flag. And all the ensemble numbers are a rhythmic and melodic joy.”

”The emphasis is on the performers and there is even room to get all of them on in Thomas Michael Voss’s lively choreography.
This isn’t just a show to catch as a rarity; it really is fun and musically fine enough to keep serious G & S fans happy too.”

”… and choreographer Thomas Michael Voss moves people about smoothly and without a hint of clutter.”

”Thomas Michael Voss’s tidy choreography is slickly performed..”

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