Reviews for Finian’s Rainbow, the Musical

“Thomas Michael Voss’s choreography is wonderfully energetic and period-perfect”

”The spirited dancing from such a huge company must have been extraordinary in such a confined space (choreography Thomas Michael Voss)”

Review – Finian’s Rainbow, Charing Cross Theatre

”This revival is slick from beginning to end with beautiful choreography by Thomas Michael Voss, which does not take away from the traditional charm and allure of the piece. No one is on stage simply as a background dancer (so often seen in contemporary musical theatre); each actor creates a believable character on a journey.”

”propelled by Thomas Michael Voss’s stunning choreography and buoyed throughout by Burton Lane’s vertiginous melodies, Finian’s Rainbow becomes an irresistible oddity.”
”Performed beautifully by the 20+ strong cast, who tumble, skip and soar across the stage in a constant riot of colour and excitement.”
”Stage pictures and dance routines remain clear and crisp despite the crowding.”
”Be advised to catch it while you can, particularly while it has the good fortune of this impeccable production.”

Finian’s Rainbow

”enhanced by the vibrant choreography of Thomas Michael Voss which even gives the older members of the cast a fair crack of the whip.”

”Thomas Michael Voss’s choreography is as vibrant as Tom Boucher’s lighting.”

“The choreography by Thomas Michael Voss is particularly effective, enthusing the show with a fantastic vitality, whether from the stage or the aisles.”

Finian’s Rainbow – Charing Cross Theatre

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