New From The Knowledge: Production Intelligence

Following the successful re-launch of The Knowledge Website we’re delighted to officially announce the launch of Production Intelligence, a new subscriber service hosted by The Knowledge.

Production Intelligence gives you access to a comprehensive listing of upcoming UK films and TV shows in development and pre-production.

Once you’ve found the productions you’re interested in Production Intelligence gives you contact details for the main people involved: producers, writers, directors, production managers and other key decision-makers. Production Intelligence also links them to other projects they have worked on since January 2010.

With Production Intelligence you’ll also get access to an archive of completed UK TV programmes and films along with the key production staff and their contact details. You’ll be able to follow people or productions and get regular updates.

If you supply services to the TV and film industry, the information offered by Production Intelligence can help you win your next contract.

A 12 month subscription to Production Intelligence costs £495 + VAT. However for a limited period you can purchase your annual licence for only £395 + VAT.

Call 020 7549 2596 now for a demo.

Production Intelligence

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