COVID Back to work help

Bells and Two Tones has invested in several areas to help get everyone back to work.
We can now offer a disinfectant service for production vehicles, offices, workshops, and sets by using an antiviral fogging solution.
The antiviral solution offers peace of mind as it has a residual effect where it will continue to kill viruses and MRSA for up to 10 days.

One of the best telltale signs if someone has a virus is an elevated temperature. We have invested in several HTSDs (Human Temperature Screening Device). These devices can be placed at the entrance to offices, sets, and canteens, anywhere your staff congregates. It is a stand-alone device that reads everyone’s temperature if one of your staff members has a high temperature an alarm sounds and denies them entrance. HTSDs have full none contact biometrics built-in.

We have placed a small video showing this technology in action on our website. To view this video please go to

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