Are you listed in the Knowledge? Claim Your Profile! – 22/11/2011

As part of this new Knowledge website, we’ve made it easier for entrants to check, change and confirm their entries.

If you’re listed in The Knowledge, we’d like you to “claim your entry”. Here’s how:
1. Register to become a user on this website.
2. Log in.
3. Search for yourself or your company on this site.
4. When you’ve found your profile page, click on the “claim profile” button.

Once this has been done, and your claim is verified by the Knowledge’s editorial team, you’ll be able to send changes through whenever you like, for example if you want to update credits, if your company moves or if you want to add a new contact.

As always, we’re keen on feedback at The Knowledge, so please let us know how you find this new updating system.

If you’re not in The Knowledge, but think you should be, please use our “get listed” option on the website.

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