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With so many production companies out there, specialising in all manner of work, from feature films to TV and from commercials to corporate videos, you could spend weeks trying to locate just the right one. However, if you had access to the UK’s largest and most detailed database of TV and film productions and their production companies it could be a breeze.

Through The Knowledge you can find details on all the production companies focused on the particular area you’re interested in, then with our Production Intelligence platform you can gain an unrivalled perspective on the projects they are working on. Keep yourself bang up to date with our real-time monitoring of live projects in production or pre-production, review previous projects they have worked on, and find the contact details of all those who may be interested in the services you or your business have to offer. Basically, it’s all about putting you in front of the right people at the right time.

Here is a brief review of some of the different types of production companies out there to help you appreciate their varied needs.

Feature film production companies

Because of the nature of their work and the extended time-frames involved, feature film production companies often dedicate themselves to just a single project at a time. They may on occasion have access to massive budgets but they are often expected to hunt down the funding for a production, bringing them closer to their sponsors/partners in the commercial world. All this jumping through hoops to get a project off the ground gives you plenty of time to monitor their progress with the help of our Production Intelligence platform, so you can choose your moment to approach them with the service you offer.

TV production companies

Often having the capacity to produce numerous TV shows at once, these production companies are well-oiled machines that need countless services from outside suppliers to keep them going. Some are small, others are massive with huge workforces or are members of much larger groups, and then there are the TV production companies that are the in-house production arms of broadcasting monoliths such as the BBC or ITV.

Commercial production companies

These specialist production companies help to create every form of TV, cinematic and online advertising footage. They are used to rapid turnarounds and volume work so they often have many things on the go at once.

Niche production companies

These production companies have made the strategic decision to stay lean and mean, focusing on just a single niche area of the industry. They may specialise in the production of music videos, animated footage and films, digital production or corporate communications.

The Knowledge is the UK’s premier repository of information for those working in and supplying the TV and film sector. Sign up to our Production Intelligence platform today and track down the people in the industry whose decisions could make a real impact on your business.


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