The Finishing Touches: Post-Production

So, your shoot is finished. You have the footage in the can. The actors have gone home, the sets are de-rigged, the tea mugs are all washed and dried and the location manager is asleep in a corner somewhere. But what about those rather important bits that come after the shoot is all done and dusted – the post-production?

You need your footage editing, you need somewhere with the right facilities and resources, you need the titles and credits, and you need just the right soundtracks mixed into the background to bring it all to life.

Maybe you even need some of the less obvious stuff too. What about ADR, some 3D CGI graphics or some dazzling special effects? To find just the right post-production house with all the facilities you need, simply take a quick tour around The Knowledge website. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to find what you’re looking for within that mass of post-production companies out there.

Our post-production database

Searching our post-production database, which contains every facility worthy of your consideration, is a quick and simple affair. We have invested heavily in ensuring that the mass of information we have on the people, places, projects and processes involved in film and television can easily be explored to supply you with exactly what you’re looking for. To this end we have developed our Facilities Chart, attached to many of the post-production companies in our database, which shows every facility and technology you may need to know about to make your choice.

Because of the very visual nature of the post-production field, companies with premier listings are also able to flash their talents and showcase their portfolios in a show reel and image gallery, giving you even more ways to make an informed decision when selecting the right company for your needs.

Discover Production Intelligence

If your company supplies to the TV and film industry, anything from catering to cameras or from paperwork administration to post-production, the Production Intelligence platform from The Knowledge is of vital importance to your business.

View and monitor the development of productions throughout their life cycles, obtain the contact details of all the movers and shakers on the project, and decide when is best to approach them with your services or facilities. Post-production may naturally be positioned some way into a project but post-production facilities are selected right from the very beginning so it’s important to keep your ear to the ground.

The Knowledge helps you to get to grips with the post-production facilities available at different companies so you can add the finesse to the masterpiece you’re producing.


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