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Hiring equipment for a shoot can be a job and a half. Locating just the right equipment to get the best out of your shoot can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There are now so many companies offering production services, equipment and film camera hire that it’s often hard to sort the wheat from the chaff.

That’s why you need access to the UK’s biggest repository of information and contacts in the TV and film industry. The Knowledge is the place to come for all your equipment and film camera hire needs.


Film camera hire these days is nowhere near as simple an affair as it used to be. With SD, 35mm film, HDV, HD and 3D – how will you know which to hire? Maybe your choice is brand orientated, so will you hire a Sony, Canon, Panasonic or ARRI?

We know that you’ll need access to a range of camera bodies, lenses, matte boxes and follow focus equipment, as well as the best advice on what suits your production. All this is available through the excellent film camera hire companies we have listed on our site.


Like film camera hire, sound recording on set needs a whole range of equipment, from different types of microphones to boom poles and from radio mics to pick-ups and cabling. Even how the sound is recorded can be key. Some systems record straight to tape, some do it digitally. Your goal no doubt is to quickly locate the equipment that offers the best quality at an affordable price.

Grip equipment

Usually scaffolding and rigging comes under this banner but there’s more involved. There are dollies and track for the fluid motion of the cameras, jibs and cranes for high shots, and all the other key items that are used by the production department.

Lighting equipment

A whole range of specialist suppliers exist, offering anything from the mass of lighting needed for outdoor shoots, to the smaller Dedolights used on close set-ups such as interview footage. In between lies a vast range of items, each capable of lighting sets of different sizes and to different degrees. Plenty of supplementary equipment such as filters, barn doors and stands may also be needed.

Tracking vehicles and low loaders

If you’ve ever wondered how they film moving shots in vehicles, this is how. Think of the opening sequence of Pulp Fiction with John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson. Whether it’s a vehicle to follow the action or one on which the action is being filmed, the place to find what you’re looking for is The Knowledge.

Editing equipment

Traditionally based in studios, this equipment is increasingly mobile as on-set digital imaging takes off. You can hire online or non-linear equipment with an editor (wet) or without (dry) from any number of facilities in the UK.

Stunt equipment

Highly specialised and skilled equipment and personnel are provided by stunt hire companies to set up, among other things, wire work or pyrotechnics, inflatables or crash mats for your shots. Your action scenes deserve the best the industry can provide and you’ll find them all on The Knowledge.

No matter what equipment or film camera hire needs your production has The Knowledge is the place to fulfil them.


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