Wuthering Heights Continues Bronte Boom

You wait years for a Bronte revival then two come along at once. Last week, we saw LipSync in post-production of Jane Eyre. This week, it”s Rushes” turn, after working on Andrea Arnold”s adaptation of Wuthering Heights.

Having worked with Arnold and Editor Nicolas Chaudeurge on both Red Road and Fish Tank, Rushes was asked to work on the VFX for Wuthering Heights which consisted in part of rain addition shots. That might seem ironic, given the film was shot in the North of England. But as Rushes point out, even the North doesn”t get rain on demand.

The Rushes team, led by VFX Supervisor Jonathan Privett, was required to both add and subtract rain across a selection of shots to add to the mood or aid continuity. In addition various modern details on the landscape and buildings were removed and cleaned up.  

Louise Hussey, Rushes VFX Producer and Jonathan Privett explain, “The effects had to be seamless and invisible. Andrea’;s films are never about flashy visible VFX but subtle work that simply works with the beautiful shots in the right context.”

The DI was completed at Rushes sister company, Deluxe 142 by Rob Pizzey. The film, produced by Ecosse Films, will be released on 11 November.

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