UK union Bectu to hold rally urging AMPTP to end SAG-AFTRA strike

UK union Bectu to hold rally urging AMPTP to end SAG-AFTRA strike

Bectu rallyUK creative industries union Bectu is to hold a rally urging the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers in the US to “negotiate swiftly” to bring the ongoing actors’ strike to a close.

A demonstration involving Bectu members will begin at 1pm on Thursday, October 5 in Leicester Square, London.

Bectu members, plus friends, family and all-comers are encouraged to assemble opposite the Odeon Luxe Leicester Square; with a gathering in a local pub following the rally.

“We want to raise awareness of how UK film and TV workers have been impacted by the US strikes and demand that AMPTP engage meaningfully to bring the US strikes to a close,” reads the ‘About this event’ entry from Bectu.

The event was created prior to the agreement between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and AMPTP yesterday, which has brought the writers’ strike to an end after 148 days. The agreement will now go to a vote from WGA members, which will take place between October 2-9.

Earlier today the US actors union SAG-AFTRA stated that it has ”no confirmed dates” for a meeting with the AMPTP; its strike continues until a deal is reached.

Also earlier today, the Writers Guild of Great Britain issued its latest advisory on the strikes, following the WGA agreement. It saluted the solidarity shown by UK writers across the writers’ strike; and said that UK writers “can return to working on projects within the jurisdiction of the WGA.”

“The WGA and their members stood strong and the result was major concessions from the streamers, studios and producers,” said Lisa Holdsworth, WGGB chair. “Uplifts on streaming residuals, greater transparency on streaming data, minimum staffing levels in writing rooms and safeguards on AI – these terms were hard fought for over five long months, and finally won.

“We’ve seen new members join our movement and, alongside existing members, join the throng of protests and online activism. There is lots of work to do in the UK on behalf of writers – we are stronger for our members, and we will do it.”

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Image of Bectu rally in Leicester Square via Bectu. 



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