To 3D Or Not To 3D?

2010”s UK box office performance was boosted by 3D, still something of a novelty. It remains to be seen if 3D versions can continue to be used by studios to inflate ticket prices in cinemas. Most analysts expect they can, pointing out that we are also likely to see 3D used to bring more varied events to cinemas (for example, live sport or culture retransmitted from venues to screens for people who can”t get to events or who can’;t afford the price of the ticket).

Also expected to reinforce cinema”s performance in 2011 is the next wave of sequels, with Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Transformers 3, Cars 2, and the last installment of the Harry Potter franchise all tipped to do big numbers at the box office.

2011 will also be an important year for 3D on TV. As TV set prices come down, the likes of BSkyB will be hoping that investment in ground-breaking productions such as Flying Monsters and Penguin Island will wow subscribers. Right now, however, it is too early to tell if 3D”s success in the cinema space can be replicated in living rooms – where appointment-to-view events seem most suited to the shift.

To be fair to the set manufacturers, they are not placing all their bets on 3D. Instead, they are promoting the concept of the smart TV, a 3D-enabled set which can be connected up with the internet and on-demand services, thus bringing the broadband experience into the heart of the home. Possibly, this better reflects where audience behaviour is going next.

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